Terms and Conditions

Read in Spanish: Términos y Condiciones.

1) Times in transit

   1.1 For transfer services: departure and transit times are estimated since they depend on the efforts of the shipping company, airline or land transport. The company is not responsible for the delays that these may cause.

   1.2 The transit times indicated in the offer are estimates and are not guaranteed.

   1.3 The company will not be responsible for any delay for any reason. Additionally, the estimated transit times do not include the time necessary for customs clearance.

2) Destinations

Shipments will depart on Fridays from Miami to our main warehouses. The transfer of the merchandise to other cities will be at the client’s expense, Baratoenusa C.A will be in charge of placing their merchandise in the Tealca parcel company with collection to destination.

3) Promotions

All our promotions will be valid in person at the Miami office and / or special stops in other cities.

4) Packaging

  4.1) The client is responsible for the correct packaging of his shipment, the company will provide support when requested, but is not responsible for the packaging of the cargo or for any damage that may arise as a result of it.

  4.2) The company is not responsible for spills of liquid products on its merchandise.

   4.3) The company will not be responsible for damaged or shipped televisions without wooden boxes.

5) Insurance

   5.1 If you want your merchandise to be 100% insured, you must cancel 15% of the amount of your purchase, as an essential requirement you must present the invoice of the same and notify that you want to use this service before leaving your cargo, otherwise we are not responsible for loss or damage caused to it. (We insure up to a maximum of $ 2,500)

   5.2 The company will only accept responsibility in the claim when an improper handling of the merchandise is evidenced on its part.

   5.3 The client must review the contents of the cargo upon receipt and verify the status of the cargo. Once the delivery note is signed, no claims will be accepted.

   5.4 The client must immediately notify his claim describing his disagreement in the respective delivery note after this, he must write an email exposing his case to the email: reclamos@baratoenua.com.

   5.5 The company will only be responsible for a total of up to US $ 100.00 of the declared value of all uninsured cargo and will grant the customer credit in express shipping service, after evaluation of the case (only applicable for repackaging).

    5.6 The credit granted is non-transferable and may be used only once in a period of one month (30 days).

   5.7 The Company does not make refunds of money. Any credit will be applied to pending or future invoices

6) Conditions and forms of payment

   6.1 All cargo must be prepaid to be sent to our offices in VENEZUELA, in this way we guarantee a better service and prompt delivery of the same.

   6.2 Upon receipt of the shipping invoice, you have (05) business days to cancel it, otherwise a 10% surcharge will be charged on the total amount.

   6.3 Account Numbers for International Bank Transfers: Bank: Bank of America, Account Type: Check Account, Account Number: 898099466605, Beneficiary: Barato En Usa Courrier Services Inc, Routing Number: 063100277, ABA: 026009593. Email-Zelle: admin@baratoenusa.com.

   6.4 Account number for Bank transfer in Venezuela: Bank: BOD, Account Number: 0116-0431-5600-2468-2845, Beneficiary: BARATOENUSA CA, RIF: J-40674202-3, Email: envios@baratoenusa.com.

   6.5 For cancellation by credit card, you must request an authorization form, in order to debit the amount to be canceled. If you want to cancel through manual transactions both in Venezuela and Miami, you must pay an additional 5% on the total amount of your invoice. For transactions in Venezuela with a physical credit card, there is a 3% surcharge on the total amount of your invoice.

   6.6 Proof of payment of your invoice must be sent only to our collection department number: +58 414-7882374 or cobranzas@baratoenusa.com since it requires one (01) business day for verification at the Bank and subsequent dispatch. .

7) Storage of merchandise

  7.1 The merchandise received in our Miami warehouse can remain in HOLD only for 30 days (one month), thereafter storage expenses will begin to run ($25 weekly), for two (2) weeks, after that period of time the company will not have the merchandise. In addition, the merchandise that enters the locker, is withdrawn by the client and is not sent by our shipping channels will incur a storage cost that you should consult when you collect your merchandise from our warehouse.

   7.2 Once the availability for the delivery of the merchandise in Venezuela has been sent by email, the customer has free storage for a period of ten (10) business days. If the order has not been withdrawn after this period, you must cancel an additional surcharge for storage ($ 25 weekly) for two (2) weeks, after that period of time the company will not have the merchandise.

8) Inspection of merchandise

   8.1 All customer cargo is subject to inspection and retention by the company, in case of observing prohibited merchandise, the competent authorities will be informed.

   8.2 The client certifies that the shipment does not contain money, values ​​or prohibited articles for transport, in accordance with international standards and the applicable laws in the country of destination or origin. Therefore, you agree to indemnify and absolve the company for any claim liability and / or costs due to the violation of any applicable law or regulation in the country of origin or destination of the goods covered in this document.

The client when making his shipment with BARATO EN USA, declares that he understands and accepts each and every one of the terms and conditions in accordance with the provisions.


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